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OHM's Quality Policy:

"OHM International serves with enthusiasm and prudence, to build a universal bond of solidarity, by cooperating in the work of our Partners, Suppliers and Customers"

In response to a broad demand to implement a recognized quality system by our international customer base, OHM International secured ISO9002:1994 Certification on February 13,1998. Certificate #: 98-079

OHM has continued to maintain its ISO registration and successfully re-certified the system in each of the following years:

February 2001:       Certificate #: C01-0170

February 2004:       Certificate #: C2004-01671

July 2007:              Certificate #:C2007-01615

April 2010:             Certificate#: C2010-01706

May 2013:              Certificate#: C2013-01507

April 2016:             Certificate#: C2016-01694

June 2018:             Certificate#: C2016-01694-R1

July 2019:              Certificate#: C2019-01723

In order to successfully ship material, accurately, on-time, around the world, it is imperative that we have a fluid and reliable Quality Management System. The hurdles that face an internationally focused Supplier are different and sometimes non-existent to those Companies operating solely in a domestic capacity. A typical international transaction does not oftentimes benefit from a reliable and predictable U.S. infrastructure as domestic Suppliers have.

Since 1958, OHM International has shipped material to jobsites in nearly 100 countries worldwide. Each shipment is unique, each country of destination has its own customs (taxing authority & cultural), some shipments travel via ocean, others via air freight, some will transship in unrelated ports along the way. Each shipment requires extensive documentation (SED’s, B/L’s or A/WB’s, LC’s etc.). Some Customers require us to deliver material to jobsites in hard to reach locations such as the Amazon delta basin or Andes Mountains. Our ISO9001 certified Quality Management System has enabled us to better overcome the hurdles that accompany international shipping andhave provided the necessary tools to resolve problems more efficiently.

A Quality System is only as effective as the commitment level of those employees charged with its execution. At OHM, every employee receives comprehensive training, and works in an environment where they are taught to approach their jobs with enthusiasm and prudence to help maintain a cycle of continual improvement. We stress these values to our employees because they are the backbone to achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction in our ever-changing world economy.