The "E" Award for Excellence in Exporting was created in 1961, by Presidential Executive Order 10978, as the nation's highest award to honor U.S. exporters. U.S. Firms are recognized for their competitive achievements in world markets and their part in increasing U.S. exports abroad. 

The "E" Award is presented to qualified companies who have demonstrated excellence in exporting as follows: 

  • Show evidence of a substantial increase in volume of exports over a four year period.
  • Demonstrate breakthroughs in especially competitive markets, introduction of new products into U.S. export trade   or the opening of a new market.
  • Show evidence of overcoming exporting problems.
  • Detail an effective international marketing program. 
  • Exports constitute a significant portion of total product sales and/or are materially in excess of the industry average.

OHM's receipt of this award was featured in Electrical Wholesaling's August 1978 issue.

In 1978, OHM International received this prestigious honor by Congressman Richard Ottinger and officials of the US Department of Commerce.